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Tattoo Pharma. Professional care for your tattoo at any step of its existence

First of all the quality of tattoo depends on skills and talent of tattoo artist, but also on aftercare and stuff used during session.

Tattoo Pharma is the first company in Russia developed healing and aftercare products for tattoed skin.

Since 2014 we have been producing certified products for effective work and professional tattoo care. Pharmacists and experienced tattoo artists participate in the development of each product, which is a guarantee of quality and efficiency.

In addition, we popularize proper and safe tattoo care to preserve skin health, quality and brightness of each stroke of a new masterpiece, and it delighted the author, the owner and the others as long as possible.

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Our product line consists of cosmeceuticals for both tattoo artists and their clients:

  • For tattoo artists / during work process — disinfectants, stencil and removal stencil tools, petrolatum cream and organic butter, products for hygienic disposal.

  • For customers / aftercare — healing products: Doctor Pro gel and DocPRO PLUS cream together with antibacterial foam Holy Dew SWIFT. These two kinds of products in combination accelerate the healing of tattoos as much as possible, protecting the original quality. 

All products are not tested on animals and do not contain animal products.

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Our story

Tattoo Pharma was established in 2014. The company started with the development and certification of Doctor PRO tattoo healing gel. The product was highly appreciated between tattoo artists and their clients.

Eventually Doctor PRO passed the time-test — over the years hundreds thousands tattoos have been successfully healed with it.

Later on, we decided to continue the endeavor, sinking more and more into the smallest details of tattooing.

So the company gradually expanded its line-up, concentrating on products for tattoo artists: this is how appeared stencil, petrolatum based cream, traditional soap, antibacterial compositions. 

At the same time, the number of tattoo artists using the products also increased. Today our products can be purchased in more than 200 studios and shops all over Russia and now in Europe. 

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When we create professional tattoo products, first of all we think about people who will use them in their work.

Whether it's a maitre or a beginner we feel responsibility to every tattoo artist. We are truly glad to receive feedback and always wait for new comments. It’s incredibly nice to know that our products have been appreciated by many tattoo artists and their clients.

Moreover, we try to support artists who develop not only their skills, but also tattoo culture in general.

So, we have 2 teams:

PRO TEAM — a legendary tattoo artists with a wealth of experience. Behind their shoulders is a long way, most still remember homemade ink guns and misunderstandings of society. They honed the technique so much that the Russian tattoo school is admired abroad. They were able to break down stereotypes and take industry to the next level, and eventually change public opinion. The personal contribution of each team member to the development of the tattoo culture of our country cannot be overestimated.

PRODIGY TEAM — a new generation of tattoo artists, fresh names and unique styles. They’re young, talented and ambitious, they change the rules of the game and surprise you with creative solutions. The guys on this team are shaping the future of tattoo culture, which has no room left to fight against other people’s opinions, just pure creativity and a huge space for experimentation.

We are thankful to all members of our teams for their trust and support!

You are tattoo artist and you want to join our pro team — send us your artworks and tell us about yourself to mail info@tattoo-pharma.com!